This ‘second debut’ looks familiar

David Luiunknownz is a Brazilian soccer player. He’s a great defender with equally impressive hair. In January 2011, he made his Premier League debut, playing for Chelsea in a match against Liverpool. So, he’s all out of debuts in England.

Luiz went on to play for Paris Saint-Germain, but has returned to Chelsea. I read with interest about his first match since returning to his old club. It will be against Liverpool. To recap: old club, old league, same opponent. Media outlets reported Luiz making his “second debut.” But his only remaining debut in London would be on a West End stage.

I love sports, and sports writing, so I hate to split hairs. We totally get it, he’s returning and playing again for Chelsea, and it’s against Liverpool. I searched several dictionaries for some wiggle room, but didn’t find any. A debut happens once. Here’s the page from  Merriam-Webster.

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